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Advice for Middle School | Parenting Tips for Preteens | Intentional Parenting | Raising Godly Children #middleschool #parentingtips

Advice for Our Middle Schooler | 12 Truths for Preteens

Middle school can be really hard. Do you remember middle school? All sorts of drama and changes and emotions! As our oldest is preparing for middle school this fall, we decided on...
How to Discipline Your Child | Parenting and Kids | Discipline | Communication #parentingtips #parenting #christianparenting

How to Discipline Your Child Without Damaging Your Relationship

We get it: The word "discipline" makes some people nervous, right? How to discipline your child is a personal choice and talking about it can be touchy. But it's important to talk about. How...
How to Spend Time With Your Kids When You Don't Have Time | Intentional Parenting | Parents and Kids | Time Management #parentingresources #timemanagement #intentionalparenting #parenting #family

How to Spend Time With Your Kids When You Don’t Have Time

We talk a lot about creating your own family culture. Parents often feel overwhelmed about intentional parenting because it sounds time consuming -- and we just don't have any more time...

Creating Your Family Culture | Step 1

Have you read the first post in this series, Creating Your Family Culture? If not, please head to Create Your Family Culture to get started! Every organization has a culture. We see it...

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