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Words to Live By | 36 Life Phrases to Teach Kids - Includes free printable list

Words to Live By | 36 Life Phrases to Teach Kids

"As my grandpa always used to say, _____________________." Did your parents or grandparents have any phrases they would repeat over and over as you were growing up? Family mottos? The words we say to...
36 Bible Verses for Kids to Learn. Includes Free Printable!

36 Bible Verses Kids Should Know

Need encouragement? Advice? Courage? Hope? All of the above? Yeah, me too. Difficult choices and tough times are inevitable. These things happen because life happens. It's also inevitable that our children will face difficult situations...
Homeschool Morning Time Resources. See what's in our Morning Time basket!

7 Favorite Homeschool Morning Time Resources

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some links in this post are affiliate links to items we like, meaning we receive compensation - at no additional cost to...
Encouraging Verses for Parents

7 Encouraging Bible Verses for Parents

We've all had those days - grumpy faces, whiny attitudes, grumbling & complaining...I'm talking about me! 😃 Add to the mix some bickering siblings, messy beds, a barking dog, and it's time...

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