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God's Promises for Kids | Bible Verses | Christian Parenting

God’s Promises for Kids

Kids have big questions and real feelings, and they often pop up when we least expect them. Kids have a way of making things interesting like that, right? We want to share...
Advice for Middle School | Parenting Tips for Preteens | Intentional Parenting | Raising Godly Children #middleschool #parentingtips

Advice for Our Middle Schooler | 12 Truths for Preteens

Middle school can be really hard. Do you remember middle school? All sorts of drama and changes and emotions! As our oldest is preparing for middle school this fall, we decided on...

14 Prayers for Your Child’s School Year

Every year, I'm shocked at how fast summer goes by! Back-to-school store displays catch me off guard every year. You'd think I'd learn! When the back-to-school prep gets real, it's a...

What is God’s Will for Your Family?

We often hear people ask, “What's God’s will for my life?” “What is God’s will for our family?” or, “What is God’s will for my child?” Great questions! We try to create...

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