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Preparing for Important Conversations with Your Child

Throughout parenting, you will have important conversations with your child. Each of these conversations require intentional planning and decisions. Have you ever considered how many decisions you make in a day? Should I...
5 Communication Tips for Parents | Strong Communication With Your Child | Parenting Tips | Preteen #communication

Five Simple Communication Tips for Parents

When we first mention Communication Tips for Parents, I know what some parents are thinking right now: "I don't need to improve communication with my child - my kid says plenty of words to me. I...
How to Write a Family Mission Statement. 5 steps to create a family mission statement that's perfect for your family. Intentional parenting | Christian parenting | Parenting tips and resources

Write a Family Mission Statement in 5 Steps

When we speak about intentional parenting to various parent and moms groups, a question we often hear is: How do we write a family mission statement, and why is it important? Most...
Advice for Middle School | Parenting Tips for Preteens | Intentional Parenting | Raising Godly Children #middleschool #parentingtips

Advice for Our Middle Schooler | 12 Truths for Preteens

Middle school can be really hard. Do you remember middle school? All sorts of drama and changes and emotions! As our oldest is preparing for middle school this fall, we decided on...

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