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Greatest Works Tour | Music and Art Curriculum | YEAR 2


In Year 2 of this 30-week music and art homeschool curriculum, we journey through history with the great artists and composers. Students will recognize great works of art & music and analyze qualities such as dynamics, tempo, mood, instrumentation (for music) and contrast, color theory, perspective, light (for art).

Each week, we cover a great artist or composer from the Renaissance to Modern period.

Each week covers:

• Fast Facts: a short biography including a map of their country of origin
• 4 Greatest Works: including a picture, Fast Facts, Key Word, and “What Do You Think?” discussion questions
• Meet the Instrument: for each composer, a closer look at an instrument in the orchestra
• Try This!: an interactive activity related to the week’s lesson
• Handwriting & Cursive Practice: copy work related to the artist or composer


We designed the Greatest Works Tour to be customizable for your student’s ages and your family’s stage of life. Here’s how:

• The Teacher Guide is fully digital – at your fingertips always. It has all the information & over 200 links you need to share this journey with your child. Open it up on your computer or mobile device and be ready to teach instantly!
• The Student Guide, to enhance your student’s experience, can be printed or remain digital.
• Or, use the Student Activity Book, which can be printed for hands-on, interactive learning and includes daily activities to keep kids of all ages engaged.
• Sample 3, 4, and 5-day lesson plans show how to customize lessons for your schedule (the 5-day plan is only 10 minutes a day!)

You receive full access to the Teacher Guide, Student Guide and (optional) Student Activity Book.

Teacher Guide:

• How to use Greatest Works Tour, including sample 3-, 4-, and 5-day lesson plans
• Overviews of each time period
• Recommended book lists for each time period
• Links to composer/artist picture and bio
• At This Time in History facts for historical context
• Links to greatest works images, videos
• Information on key words, discussion questions, and Try This! activities
• Links to Meet The Instrument videos

Student Guide:

• Artist/Composer picture, Fast Facts, and map of country of origin
• Four Greatest Works with a picture, Fast Facts, Key Word, and What Do You Think? discussion questions
• Meet the Instrument spotlights with each composer
• Try This! interactive activity about the week’s lesson
• Handwriting Practice about the week’s lesson
• Cursive Practice about the week’s lesson

Activity Guide:

• All the same information in the Student Guide, PLUS — for more hands-on learning, all pictures & maps are in a separate section for students to cut and glue on the pages.

That’s over 400 pages of content for about $1 per week! That’s it – no other books or supplies to purchase.

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