How We Homeschool | And Why It May Not Work For You

Deciding How to Homeschool

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We’re often asked how we structure our home education and how to homeschool.

Each time, I hesitate to go into too much detail on “how to homeschool” because the structure that works for us may not work for someone else because….well….every family is different.

What works for use won’t entirely work for you.

My best advice for new homeschool moms | Homeschool tips, tricks and resources | Starting homeschoolThat’s the beauty of home education.

One of the reasons we educate at home is to reduce the “one size fits most” effect of education used in more traditional school environments. There are so many great options for how to homeschool. Choosing the correct schedule, curriculum, subject matter, teaching style and organization that works best for our family is a privilege! We feel so blessed to have that option as a family.

Our choices & priorities work because they’re created for us. We’ve spent time discussing what we want our family culture to look like, and we’ve made certain education choices because they work for us.

And, each family needs to go through that overwhelming, arduous process to find that works for them, because every…

…child is different
…age level is different
…teaching parent is different
…season of life is different

The odds that our children, their ages, my teaching style, and our family’s season of life ALL match up with yours is teeny tiny.

I’m certainly not an expert on home education, but I am the expert on my own children. I know what works for us.

All I can do is share what works for us and hope that a few things work for you, too!

While one-size-fits-all doesn’t work in home education, there are advantages to learning from other people’s structure & plans. It’s as if the online homeschooling world is a store with tons of items on the shelves: We just need to find the options that work for us and put it in our shopping cart. Take a few things home with you & leave a lot of things behind — not because they’re bad, but because they’re just not for you.

My biggest tips for those considering home education are pretty simple:

Explore lots of options.

Multiple education philosophies.
Lists of character traits & life skills to develop.
Different learning & teaching styles.
Flexible or structured schedules.
Several elective subjects.
Hundreds of curriculum choices.
Dozens of publishers.
School rooms or dining room tables.
Shelves, drawers, files, or paperless organization.
Budgets ranging from $100 to limitless.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed! But the prize at the end of the search is a custom-designed education that meets the needs of your family and the goals you’ve set for your child’s education.

It worth exploring as many options as you can.

Deciding How to Homeschool

Learn from others, but choose what works for you.

I admire those homeschool pioneers who were educating at home before the internet. Seriously – how did they do it? Probably more simply than we do — I think we tend to overcomplicate things now.

The internet is an outstanding resource for us. Ask friends, read blogs, scour Pinterest to find great ideas. There are SO MANY great ideas out there!

At the end of the day, we need to choose what works for us – not our best friend or the Instagram influencers.

Continue to adjust, but refuse to compare. 

I teach differently than I did 3 years ago, and that’s okay. I’ve adjusted as our children grow, as I learn more about what does/doesn’t work, and as our seasons of life change.

Several times a year, my husband and I have discussions about education. We discuss each child, their strengths, struggles, needs, and how best to help them be successful. What do we need to adjust, and if home education is still the best choice for them.

We have friends who educate differently: public, charter, private, co-op, classical, Charlotte Mason, unschooling, road schooling. Great kids and incredible parents! It’s sometimes easy to compare their Pinterest-perfect moments to our bad-attitude Monday mornings and think we’re doing it all wrong.

I guess I’m just enough of a rebel to refuse to give in to the peer pressure. I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes that led them to make their choices, so who’s to say it would work for us?

No one loves your kids more than you. No one knows them more than you. No one wants your kids to be successful more than you. 

Make an informed choice, but remember – it’s your choice. You’ve got this, mama!

That’s my giant disclaimer before I share any tips or advice on education. Please, take a look around this site. Find what works for you and leave the stuff that doesn’t. I’m so glad you’re here!

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  1. This is such great information – comparison is the thief of joy… and confidence… and almost everything else. I often find myself looking at what others do on Facebook and feeling like they’ve really got a handle on this – but I’m sure their lives are just as messy and imperfect as my own!

    • Absolutely, Kate! It’s so easy to compare our worst days to someone else’s best. Each family and each season of life is different, and you need to do what works best for your family. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! You’ve got this, mama!


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