Greatest Works Tour | Music and Art Homeschool Curriculum

Greatest Works Tour | Music and Art homeschool curriculum that's comprehensive and easy to use!

Experience the Greatest Works in Music and Art.

Do you want to teach the “extras” like an music and art homeschool curriculum, but don’t know where to start?

Does it take so much planning, or so much time, that it doesn’t quite make it into your day?

We want students to not just be literate in music & art, but also appreciate them. To not just recognize history’s greatest works, but be able to discuss them.

Music and Art Homeschool Curriculum. Easy to use and comprehensive enrichment program!

Here’s what makes Greatest Works Tour unique:

  • Open up & go, no prep work
  • Multi-year curriculum that covers both art and music each year
  • Interdisciplinary (elements of history, geography included)
  • Short lessons, about 10 minutes per day (in our case, to incorporate into Morning Time)
  • Versatile for various ages and seasons of life
  • Encourages critical thinking and creative, open-ended discussions
  • Accessible on a budget

When I came upon Greatest Works Tour everything changed! There it was.  Exactly what I had been looking for for so long!


Introducing: Greatest Works Tour

Music and Art Homeschool Curriculum. Easy to use and comprehensive enrichment program!In each year of this 30-week curriculum, we journey through history with the great artists and composers. Students will not only be able to recognize great works of art & music, but also analyze qualities such as dynamics, tempo, mood, instrumentation (for music) and contrast, color theory, perspective, light (for art).

We designed Greatest Works Tour to be customizable for your student’s ages and your family’s stage of life. Here’s how:

  • The Teacher Guide is fully digital – at your fingertips always. It has all the information & over 200 links you need to share this journey with your child. Open it up on your computer or mobile device and be ready to teach instantly!
  • The Student Guide, to enhance your student’s experience, can be printed or remain digital.
  • Or, use the Student Activity Book, which can be printed for hands-on, interactive learning and includes daily activities to keep kids of all ages engaged.
  • Sample 3, 4, and 5-day lesson plans show how to customize lessons for your schedule (the 5-day plan is only 10 minutes a day!)

It has brought me so much joy to share these great works with my children.

Music and Art Homeschool Curriculum. Easy to use and comprehensive enrichment program!

Each week, we cover a great artist or composer from the Renaissance to Modern period. Each week covers:

  • Fast Facts: a short biography including a map of their country of origin
  • 4 Greatest Works: including a picture, Fast Facts, Key Word, and “What Do You Think?” discussion questions
  • Meet the Instrument: for each composer, a closer look at an instrument in the orchestra
  • Try This!: an interactive activity related to the week’s lesson
  • Handwriting & Cursive Practice: copy work related to the artist or composer

There really is nothing else like it. 

What do you get with Greatest Works Tour? You receive full access to the Teacher Guide, Student Guide and Student Activity Book.

Teacher Guide:
  • How to use Greatest Works Tour, including sample 3-, 4-, and 5-day lesson plans
  • Overviews of each time period
  • Recommended book lists for each time period
  • Links to composer/artist picture and bio
  • At This Time in History facts for historical context
  • Links to greatest works images, videos
  • Information on key words, discussion questions, and Try This! activities
  • Links to Meet The Instrument videos

Student Guide:

  • Artist/Composer picture, Fast Facts, and map of country of origin
  • Four Greatest Works with a picture, Fast Facts, Key Word, and What Do You Think? discussion questions
  • Meet the Instrument spotlights with each composer
  • Try This! interactive activity about the week’s lesson
  • Handwriting Practice about the week’s lesson
  • Cursive Practice about the week’s lesson

Activity Guide:

  • All the same information in the Student Guide, PLUS — for more hands-on learning, all pictures & maps are in a separate section for students to cut and glue on the pages.

That’s over 400 pages of content for about $1 per week! That’s it – no other books or supplies to purchase.

While this was designed with home educators in mind, this curriculum can easily be used with any family. If you have 10 minutes a day (or less than an hour a week), you can open your child’s world using Greatest Works Tour. (If you are a co-op, school or other group, please contact us for purchasing)

Wondering what we’re covering Year 1 and 2? Click here to see what’s covered! (Your favorites didn’t make the Year 1 or 2 list? Don’t worry – Year 3 will be added during the 2019-2020 school year!)

Read Leslie’s story:

I had been looking for so long for a way to teach and share humanities studies with my children. Trying to share the arts with my children required me to spend hours each month compiling web pages, pre-screening videos, and trying to create activities that pertained to the information. It was so strenuous but I wanted my children to be exposed to and learn of these wonderful and vital works that have formed and shaped humanity and culture.

When I came upon Greatest Works Tour everything changed! There it was. Exactly what I had been looking for for so long!

A beautiful compilation of artist and composers grouped by time period. With several examples of their greatest works, historical facts and references, questions and materials that make it possible to use this curriculum for years, and across many ages and grades. With the easy to use digital links and printable resources it truly offered me everything I could need in a convenient open and go teaching method.

It has brought me so much joy to share these great works with my children. I fill with excitement now as I hear them recognize musical pieces and name little facts and works of art my artist they have learned of.

I cannot recommend Greatest Works Tour enough!! Thank you, thank you for creating this amazing curriculum!! -Leslie V.

Year 1 and 2 are now available. We are so excited for you to start this journey!