36 Bible Verses for Kids to Learn. Includes Free Printable!
Need encouragement? Advice? Courage? Hope? All of the above? Yeah, me too. Difficult choices and tough times are inevitable. These things happen because life happens. It's also inevitable that our children will face difficult situations - as children and as adults. It's our responsibility and our great privilege to provide them tools to guide them through life. What an enormous, humbling, awesome purpose we have...
Encouraging Verses for Parents
We've all had those days - grumpy faces, whiny attitudes, grumbling & complaining...I'm talking about me! 😃 Add to the mix some bickering siblings, messy beds, a barking dog, and it's time for a reset. There's an even split between whether I'll yell, cry, or walk away. These moments require a deep breath and some intentional action. I once heard that the only way to...

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