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8 Ways it Helps to Limit Screen Time for Kids
Son (8 years old): Mom, why couldn't we use the Kindle in the car during our Norway Trip? Me: Because there was so much beauty all around us, we didn't want you to miss any of it. Son: But, Mom, isn't life always beautiful? Couldn't we always miss something by being on a screen? In January, this conversation prompted a series...
How to fit Audiobooks into your day
Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some links in this post are affiliate links to items we like, meaning we receive compensation - at no additional cost to you - if you click through and make a purchase. Thank you!   Life is full, right? Full laundry hampers, full sink of dishes, full to-do lists, full....diapers? 😃 When I first committed...
Deciding How to Homeschool
We're often asked how we structure our home education and how to homeschool. Each time, I hesitate to go into too much detail on "how to homeschool" because the structure that works for us may not work for someone else because....well....every family is different. What works for use won't entirely work for you. That's the beauty of home education. One of the reasons...

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